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Why Himalayan Salt Scrub is Getting so Much Attention

If you’re looking for an all-natural exfoliator for your skin, the Himalayan Pink Salt is your best bet!

Popularly known as the rarest and healthiest type of salt, there’s no doubt why Himalayan Pink Salt skyrocketed to popularity among beauty enthusiasts.

You’ve probably seen it in various forms: the detoxifying Himalayan Salt Lamp, jewelry, soap, or gourmet salt. Its beautiful and mystifying pink color make it so instagramable.

So what makes Himalayan Pink Salt special?

First, its naturally pink color is, without a doubt, pleasing to look at. The color gives off a relaxing effect, which is the reason why a lot of people love adding huge crystals of Himalayan Pink Salt in their space as decor. Himalayan Pink Salt enthusiasts also claim that the crystal staves off negative vibes.

It also contains 84 trace minerals not commonly found in other salts. When Himalayan Pink Salt is mined, no machinery or additives are used - the salt is mined by hand in the distant Himalayas. This makes it a hundred percent natural, so don’t worry about any chemicals or unwanted particles getting in your skin! 

It’s also special because it’s quite rare - only a few pink salt mines exist (such as the one in the Himalayas region, hence the name) which make it quite pricey. In fact, it was once used as currency, known as white gold.

Now, you can also use the precious Himalayan Pink Salt as a scrub for your skin!

We all know that exfoliation is a crucial beauty regime that keeps our skin is in tip-top shape. Various salts are already used for exfoliation... and what better material to use for exfoliation than the healthiest salt in the world?

Here are reasons why the Himalayan Pink Salt should be your next beauty essential.


The Himalayan Pink Salt is great for detox, inside and out.

The salt scrub draws out impurities from your skin, cleansing the pores after a long day of dirt and dust accumulating on your skin. A good scrub sesh will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

There’s no better way to love your skin than making sure it’s always squeaky clean!


By thoroughly scrubbing your skin with the Himalayan Pink Salt, you are able to replenish dead skin cells by exfoliating them.

If dead skin cells are left alone for too long, it may clog your pores and may cause the dreaded acne breakout. Leaving dead and dry skin cells is also detrimental to your skin’s texture, as it may leave it hard or crusty - yikes!

Prevent all these nightmares from happening by exfoliating at least twice a week with the Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub. Its pure and additive-free too, which means it won’t cause irritation from chemicals or other materials that are usually added in other salts.

Balances the pH of your skin

Thanks to the naturally occurring trace minerals in Himalayan Pink Salt, it will help to balance out the pH levels of your skin.

Although the skin already has its natural mechanisms to balance out our pH levels, factors such as stress, extended sun exposure, or over-washing with soaps can throw your pH level out of balance.

Healthy, glowing skin is only possible with a when everything is in equilibrium.

Our natural pH levels protects the skin from the hundreds of bacteria we come in contact with on the daily. So if you want to make sure your skin is always at its ideal state, scrub regularly with Himalayan Pink Salt!

Fights Acne

The trace minerals found in Himalayan Pink Salt gives it natural antiseptic properties.This means that by scrubbing your skin regularly with the salt, the bad bacteria will be destroyed, preventing any infections and acne breakouts.

This leaves your skin squeaky clean, chemical-free!

Improves Circulation

Massaging your skin with the Himalayan Salt Scrub is a great way to stimulate the circulation under your skin’s blood vessels.

Good circulation means more nutrients are delivered to your skin cells, sustaining them with the fuel they need to maintain a youthful glow. By regularly massaging your skin, your skin is kept healthy and happy.

Softer Skin

With all the benefits mentioned above combined, the Himalayan Salt Scrub keeps your skin well nourished. Better circulation and regular exfoliation results in softer skin, as it removes dead skin cells and ensures that your skin is getting the nutrients it needs.

Getting baby-like skin has never been as easy as a regular Himalayan Salt scrub!

How to Use the Himalayan Pink Salt As A Scrub

Himalayan Pink Salt is used as a scrub with various essential oils, according to your preferred effect. All you need is finely ground Himalayan Pink Salt (fine enough not to irritate your skin!) and a concoction of your favorite essential oils.

Mix these two ingredients together until it forms a paste-like texture, just like your usual scrub.

Use your very own Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub in the shower and massage it all over your body, rinsing afterwards. Do this regularly and you’ll see your skin improve in no time!


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