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Rose Floral Water
Rose Floral Water

Rose Floral Water

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What skin type does this help with?

All skin

What is it?

Rose is a sensual and exotic essence and one of the most expensive oils on Earth. Our Rose floral water is an aromatic by-product derived from the manufacturing of Rose essential oil. 


The main details 

Floral waters, also known as hydroflorates and hydrosols, are similar to essential oils but much more mild. During the steam distillation process of essential oils the water that is used to steam the raw material is drawn off and collected. 

This water contains the therapeutic benefits and lovely scent of the original roses.


What else you need to know

This product is vegan, cruelty-free, noncomedogenic, and formulated without gluten and silicone. 

How to Use

Suggested usage 


Our rose floral water is extremely versatile. It can be added to your creams and lotions at 30% - 50%, or in an aromatic face or body spritz to give your face a refreshed hydrated look and feel. 




Rose floral waters are an excellent addition to linen sprays and a simple way for the novice aromatherapist to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. They may also be added to make a fragrant and soothing hot bath. 


Rose floral water is lovely to incorporate in lip balms, lotions, creams, cosmetic formulations, soaps, and personal care formulations. 


100% Rose floral water

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