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with the Alohii Treatment

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Alohii is a top rated facial roller and skin care routine brand worldwide.


What is the Alohii skin treatment?

The easiest way to get firmer, healthier skin - right at home

Clear dark circles by increasing bloody circulation with our facial roller

Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles with the help of our incredible oils and products

Reduce puffiness and inflammation with our all natural moisturizers

Stimulate the lymphatic system by combining our products with the facial roller

Alohii Signature Range

Our Main Ingredients

Get the skin of your dreams in 3 easy steps


Get your free Alohii face roller and choose the collection for your skin type


Gently apply the oil to your face. Use the Alohii face roller to massage the oil in


Feel confident with your healthier, tighter skin and show off your healthy glow

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What people are saying

I absolutely love the guides that Alohii provided. Having skin care sets is great but what has really made a difference is understanding how to use the products to create my routine.

Mickala W

I didn't really know anything about oil, and I am so glad that I do now! I love the Alohii oils and the combination of using them with the face roller has been incredible, the difference has been amazing.

Jaimie T

I can't tell you how many products I've tried and never found one that I want to stick with, so happy to change that now! The information and help that Alohii provide has truly been wonderful.

Casey A

Selected with care. Step inside Alohii

Transparency is important to us - which is why we’re sharing behind the scenes. Because you deserve to know where the products you buy come from.

Skincare is difficult which is why we are simplifying the process of having healthy skin into the Alohii routine.