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Why You Need to be Putting Oil on Your Face

 If you haven’t tried using natural oils for their face benefits, you’re missing out on one of nature’s greatest gifts!

You might think that applying oils on your face will leave your skin feeling sticky, oily or cause acne breakouts. But for facial oils, that’s not the case at all! In fact, facial oils can actually be better than the typical moisturizer/serum because it is free of chemical additives. Plus, they're packed with polyphenols, fatty acids (the good kind), and antioxidants. So you’ll be getting the same moisturizing effect (and more!) as other products with 100% naturally derived ingredients.

Facial oils can either be purely from one source or a concoction of different oils and other ingredients.

The best part about oils is that you can personalize your own blend according to your skin type or your desired effect. Each oil has its own weight, formulation, and absorption rate, so there’s always an oil for every skin type.

If you’re interested in trying facial oils, here’s a list of some common oils and their benefits to get you started.

Coconut Oil

We all know and love coconut oil as the wonder oil with a long list of uses and benefits. Whether it’s for a smoothie recipe or a hair mask, this versatile oil is loved by health nuts all over, and rightfully so.

This oil is packed with vitamins E and K and is naturally antibacterial and antifungal. It also contains fatty acids that effectively locks in moisture, which makes it a natural moisturizer for your skin. 

You may notice that coconut oil has a petroleum jelly-like consistency at room temperature, but it will instantly melt once you start applying it on your skin.

Quick note: If your skin type is leaning on the oily side, apply coconut oil with caution as it might be too heavy for your skin and may cause acne breakouts.

Olive Oil

Although it is most popularly used for cooking, olive oil can also do wonders for your skin. In fact, Cleopatra and Sophia Loren swear by olive oil, which kept their faces fresh and glowing for generations to admire.

Multiple varieties of olive oil exist on the market but the best one to use for the face is extra virgin olive oil.

Olive Oil is known to contain a powerful anti-aging compound called squalene, which is already naturally produced in your skin. Oftentimes, the skin may fall short in producing squalene, which leads to the dreaded premature aging, gasp! With just a few drops of extra virgin olive oil massaged on your face will help delay (and even reverse) the aging process.

Argan Oil

The Argan Oil from Morocco gained huge publicity for its hair benefits. What you may not know is that you can also use this amazing substance for your face!

This oil contains vitamin E which has anti-inflammatory properties which is perfect if your skin is easily irritated or if you often experience acne breakouts. The vitamin E also balances out your skin’s oil production which controls sebum production.

Argan oil is perfect for most skin types as it isn’t too heavy or too light on the skin. It’s packed with fatty acids that will moisturize your skin as well!

Rosehip seed oil

Best known for its anti-aging properties, rosehip seed oil is what you’re looking for if you want to keep wrinkles away.

It’s derived from the rosa canina bush, a plant mostly grown in Chile. This oil is loaded with skin-nourishing vitamins and fatty acids which gives it antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. 

Rosehip seed oil can also protect your skin from the various environmental factors that may damage your skin over time, such as UV exposure, dust particles, and other nasty foreign objects.

It also boosts your skin’s elasticity, which is super important, it basically means that your skin will be able to withstand extra stress and can restore back to its original form. Increased elasticity is what we all want to aim for

This oil is considered ‘dry’, which makes it perfect for all skin types as it absorbs into the skin quite easily. This oil goes rancid quite easily though, so it’s recommended to always store rosehip seed oil in cool, dry places and out of direct sunglight.

Jojoba Oil

You might have seen this oil in the ingredients list of your favorite beauty products. This is because jojoba oil closely resembles human sebum chemically and structurally out of all the naturally occurring substances. Actually, jojoba oil isn’t an oil but is a botanical extract made up of liquid wax esters.

Because jojoba oil is so similar to human sebum, applying this oil on the skin balances out your sebum levels. This will effectively eliminate acne and prevent further breakouts, which is normally caused by excessive sebum production.

Jojoba oil also contains beneficial nutrients and minerals that will nourish and moisturize your skin throughout the day.

Given these amazing benefits, you just can’t not include oils in your daily skincare routine! Just a word of caution though, make sure you know if you are allergic to any compounds found in these oils.

If you’re looking for the next holy-grail skin care product, why not give these oils a shot?