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Our Eco Commitment

Certified Organic/Non-GMO Ingredients

We use certified organic ingredients in our products and they are 100% GMO-free. We believe in preserving nature with sustainable farming practices. We source our ingredients from organic farms around the world that do not use harmful pesticides that contribute to air, water, and soil pollution causing serious health impacts on humans and the planet. 

Alohii Our Eco Commitment   Alohii Our Eco Commitment   Alohii Our Eco Commitment


Cruelty-Free and Vegan

We are 100% cruelty-free and vegan.

Glass Bottles and Jars

Our products are packaged in glass bottles and jars rather than plastic. The skin care and cosmetic industry is responsible for an enormous amount of plastic bottles that end up in the landfill and in our oceans, and may be responsible for hormonal disruption in humans and wildlife due to the addition of plasticizer BPA.


We are 100% plant-based, meaning we choose natural ingredients over petroluem. Most of the beauty industry is dominated by petroleum ingredients that are inert and cheap to produce. They do nothing for your skin in the way of nourishment and can also be potentially hazardous, with many studies linking these ingredients to hormonal disruption, cancer, and various other diseases.