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How Oils Make The Perfect Partner for a Facial Roller

This year, the jade facial roller had its debut in the international beauty community, with the likes of Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow claiming it as a must-have for healthy, glowing skin.

It's so easy to see why, it’s proven that including a facial roller session in your daily routine will result in a better complexion almost immediately. By massaging your face with a roller everyday, you’re basically helping your skin receive the proper nourishment it needs by stimulating circulation under your skin.   

But what if I told you that you can massage your face with a roller while also benefiting from the amazing wonders of facial oil.

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Here’s how you can benefit from pairing a facial roller with the right oil: 

  1. Chemical-free skincare

Unlike serums and moisturizers that contain artificial formulations, the components that make up facial oil are all derived from natural sources.

This means that your skin will be absorbing all the minerals and nutrients found in the oil. Meanwhile, synthetic and mineral products are comedogenic and will block your pores, which may cause acne breakouts.

Plant-based oils sinks right into your pores, giving your skin the good stuff: antioxidants, polyphenols, and omega fatty acids. 

  1. Improves Circulation

We all know the feeling of puffiness in our skin, especially under our eyes. This is because after a long day, your skin retains moisture in an effort to keep it moisturized - a sure sign that you have tired skin.

Relieve your skin from exhaustion by including the facial roller in your nightly routine.

By massaging along the contours of your face, you’re stimulating the blood vessels with carrying the nutrients and hydration needed to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Some people also like refrigerating their rollers which will give a cooling effect for peak relaxation. Within a few weeks of daily roller massage, your face will feel healthier than ever.

  1. Say Goodbye to Acne

The combined benefits of oil and facial roller will help you achieve clear and glowing skin with regular use.

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First, the antioxidants found in the oils will detoxify your pores of any impurities that have accumulated throughout the day.

The compounds found in the oils will also help control your skin’s sebum production, as too much of it can cause acne breakouts. Some oils also contain Essential Fatty Acids that promote cell regeneration, revitalizing your tired skin cells.

With the help of a facial roller, your skin will absorb the oil and its numerous benefits faster than applying it by hand. Plus, you’ll be getting the long term benefits of a regular face massage!

What’s not to love from this pairing?

And if you think oil won’t be compatible for your skin type, don’t fret - there's an oil for every skin type!

Here’s a little guide on which oils work best on each skin type:

For oily skin

Due to it being an ‘oil’, you might think that facial oils will clog your already oily pores. It does the opposite, actually: facial oils will help balance your sebum levels by inhibiting its production.

For oily skin, jojoba oil is highly recommended, as its composition mimics sebum and when applied to the face, sebum production is slowed down as the skin is led to believe that it has already produced enough. Jojoba oil is also has a lightweight texture and it won’t feel greasy when applied on the skin.

Like the Jojoba oil, oily skin types should look for non-comedogenic oils. These are oils that are lightweight and don’t contain ingredients that may block your pores and aggravate sebum production.

Other recommendations include: tea tree, squalane, and marula oils.

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For dry skin

If your skin needs the extra hydration boost, oils make great moisturizers. Not only are they loaded with the essential nutrients and minerals, but they’re also much less heavy than your typical cream.

Popular for its rejuvenating properties, rosehip seed oil is a perfect match for dry skin. It restores your skin’s elasticity and regenerates tired skin cells, rehydrating it with the nourishment it needs.

Rosehip seed oil is also rich in vitamins A, C, and E and contains essential fatty acids. All of these nutrients help repair scars, wrinkles, and blemishes.

For normal skin

If you have what is considered a 'normal' skin type, almost all oils are compatible for you. However, you might want to stay away from heavier oils, as it might actually make your face oilier throughout the day.

For this skin type, jojoba, squalene, and tea tree oils are highly recommended.

For combination skin

If your skin type lies between normal and oily, then you probably have combination skin.

Just like oily skin, lightweight and non-comedogenic oils are recommended. You might want to try Marula oil, with its antibacterial properties and it penetrates easily into the skin.

With all these benefits, it’s no contest that combining facial oils with your face roller is a must for those who seek to improve their skin.

Coupled with a healthy lifestyle, this skincare routine will give you beautiful, healthy skin in just a few weeks.