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How A Rose Quartz Facial Roller Can Make You Look Younger

As seen on A-list celebrities like the Kardashians or Gwyneth Paltrow, there’s no doubt the Rose Quartz Facial Roller is one of the hottest beauty tools of the year.

The Origin Story

Gemstone rollers are said to originate from China, where women used Jade rollers to massage their face as part of their daily beauty regimen from as early as the 7th century.

Ancient practitioners claim that Jade easily warms up the skin which stimulates microcirculation, which was proven centuries later by science when the crystal was found to be a natural omitter of Far Infrared rays, which produces minimal heat.

Since then, it has been a part of Chinese culture for centuries, a testament to its efficacy. It is only in early 2018 that gemstone rollers started garnering attention from the international beauty community. Aside from Jade, other gemstone varieties of Facial Rollers have been invented, with the Rose Quartz currently being the most popular.

Aside from its healing properties, the naturally alluring Rose Quartz Facial Roller with its luxurious gold accents make it an item we just love to share on Instagram. Something about its smooth lines and curve makes it so darn shareable!

Gemstone enthusiasts also claim that the Rose Quartz radiates positive energy, which we definitely need after a day’s hard work!

So what exactly does the Rose Quartz Facial Roller do for the skin?

Well, this powerful tool can work wonders for your skin. Let's take a look!

Soothes Inflammations

If you’re suffering from any inflammations on the skin such as rosacea, the Rose Quartz Facial Roller helps relieve the skin by cooling it. Rose Quartz are said to have a stacked hexagonal crystal structure which helps it retain heat or cold effectively.

To use the roller for this purpose, leave it overnight in the refrigerator. Use it during your daily morning routine to massage your skin with a cooling sensation to calm down your blood vessels.

 We recommend using one of our oils and then using the facial roller to massage the oil in to your skin for better absorption. We made a whole routine out of it.

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Reduces Puffiness 

If your face is feeling puffy or tired after a long day, a cool massage with the Rose Quartz Facial roller helps relax your tired skin.

The cool temperature stored by the crystal along with the stimulating massage directions stimulates circulation which restores exhausted skin cells.

Store the roller in your refrigerator to fully experience the cooling sensation that the roller is capable of. 

Smoothes Wrinkles

A good facial massage every now and then prevents wrinkles from developing on your skin. But we don't always have time to run to get a facial massage after work. But with the Rose Quartz Facial Roller, you can now easily and quickly give your face a delicate massage at any time of the day.

The roller is also a great tool for massage, as it does not push or pull your skin (which actually creates wrinkles 😡) which is what can happen when you use your hands.

Improves Skin Elasticity

Skin Elasticity is the skin’s ability to return to its normal form after being stretched and pulled.

As time goes by, unfortunately the skin becomes less elastic, which causes the premature appearance of wrinkles.

Not to worry, you can now combat this by improving your skin elasticity through the regular massaging of your face. This massaging routine introduces more oxygen and nutrients into your skin cells.

Eliminates Toxins

Regularly massaging your face with the Rose Quartz Facial Roller helps eliminate toxins from your skin cells by improving the circulation of the tiny blood vessels under your skin.

This detoxification restores the natural glow of your skin and keeps it at tip-top shape.

Reduces Under Eye Circles

Use the Rose Quartz Facial roller to ease your undereyes and reduce dark circles. Dark circles are often caused by dehydration or fatigue and revitalizing your skin with of the roller can help rejuvenate the cells under your eyes.

For a quick pick me up if your eyes feel tired after a long day, massage your under-eyes with a pre-cooled roller.

Slows Down Aging

If you’re concerned that your skin is starting to show signs of aging, you may want to try the Rose Quartz Facial Roller. By detoxifying your face with a roller massage after a long day, you are able to slow down the aging process by nourishing your skin cells after being exposed to a lot of stress and harsh environments. 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Facial Roller 

While the roller has a lot of benefits, knowing how to use it properly is the key to getting the most out of this tool.

The roller is best used with a facial balm or oil, which helps it glide smoothly across the face. Apply any desired level of pressure on your strokes, which you can follow the guide above for the optimal strokes. You may also apply heat (via steaming) or cold (through refrigeration) depending on the desired effect.


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