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How a Face Roller Can Help You Get the Most Out of Essential Oils

Beautiful and healthy facial skin needs to be nourished and carefully pampered to retain its elasticity and glow.

As we all know, what you put on your skin and how you apply it, has a great impact on the overall quality of your skin.

If you want glowing skin, that is properly moisturized and not oily or greasy, just putting on cream or using a basic face wash is just not going to cut it these days. 

Your facial skin is fragile and delicate, its super susceptible to breakouts and blemishes, what’s worse is something as unnoticeable as dust or pollution can have dramatic effects on your facial skin.

This means it’s more important than ever to take the best care of your skin.

How do you do this?

Glad you asked!

Your skin needs a lot more attention than you may think. Luckily, we have spent an incredible amount of time putting together the best products, containing the best ingredients to protect your skin and have come up with a routine proven by decades of research and testing.

We’ll start by focusing on skin nourishing essential oils and combining those oils with a face roller.

What is the Impact of Face Rollers Combined with Essential Oils on Your Skin?

To understand how your regular beauty routine can have a pronounced and positive impact on your skin; you need to have an idea of how facial rollers work and the effect they have on your skin.

Face rollers are a small hand held tool, with a rounded ball at the end, you use the ball to roll to roll over your all over your face and massage your skin with.

When combined with beauty oils, they push the nutrients these oils contain, deeper into the pores of the skin.

Face rollers are nothing new, they have been used in Eastern culture for decades, what we have learnt from their years is the rolling motion of face rollers stimulate lymphatic nerves under the facial epidermis and substantially increase blood circulation, for even more absorption into your skin. 

I’ve no doubt that you’ve experienced the wonderful glow that you feel after having a facial massage. The relaxed feeling, the glow and confidence that follow. It’s something that we all love!

Facials increase blood circulation, which give you that fresh, flushed and glowing look.

Can you see the connection?

It’s all about getting blood flowing, the more we can get the blood to flow, the more our skin can absorb what we are putting onto it.

A face roller is like having a tiny quartz masseuse. Well not quite, but kind of close.

We can combine these oils that have incredible properties, like cleansing or tightening of the pores and overall complexion improvement, with something that help to promote healthy blood circulation (the roller) and voila, we have a super easy way of stimulating those lymphatic nerves under the facial epidermis (the outermost layer of skin).

This combination of a face roller and essential oils has an incredible effect on your skin from day one, (we call it the Alohii treatment), and it is something that traditional beauty products cannot deliver.

Which essential oils work best with face rollers?

This is an important question if you intend to get the best out of a combination of face rollers and beauty oils.

The perfect combination depends on what you are looking to get out of your oils.

Let’s break that down.

We want an oil that thoroughly moisturizes the skin, increases elasticity and also delivers nutrients that can help nourish the skin.

Some oils may work better for you than others, we’ve outlined the benefits of some of the best and most popular oils for you.

  • Jojoba oil –this oil is a potent moisturizer and works well on dry skin. If you experience chaffing, chapping and redness due to dry skin, add the face roller treatment combined with jojoba oil.
  • Red raspberry oil –this oil has incredible anti-aging effects. When combined with a face roller, it helps the oil to be absorbed into your skin pores in a completely new way.
  • Rose floral water –has a cleansing and toning effect that is truly magnified when combined with a face roller, that allows the goodness of rose water to seep deep into your pores.
  • Mandarin oil –has healing properties that can reduce acne, lighten blemishes and age spots, again combine with a face roller to double down on these benefits.
  • Pomegranate oil –is composed of punicic acid, an Omega 5 fatty acid, that is absorbed deep into your skin pores, when combined with a face roller.
  • Cucumber oil– has a cooling and soothing effect and also acts as a toner and astringent for oily skin.
  • Almond oil –has true moisturizing properties which makes it undeniably one of the best oils for dry skin.

So, to sum up, there are tons of oils that you can use with a face roller to double down on the amazing benefits of essential oils.

Oils are something that can work wonders on our skin and if you’re not using them already, you def need to be!

Your first assignment is to decide what type of skin type you have so you can decide what oil type is best for your skin.

Your second, is to combine that oil type with a face roller so you can really be a step ahead and get the most out of that amazing oil!

Luckily for you we give them away for free when you buy one of our kits, have a look at them here.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to shoot us a message or visit our help center here