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What is the Alohii skincare routine?

The Alohii skincare routine is a guideline that we created to provide women with the best products to use, that actually work well together, complimenting each other, a solid understanding of how to use those products, and a community of resources should they need it.

There is no shortage of skincare products to choose from, but what is incredibly difficult is knowing what product goes well with another product. Then when you finally find a good combination of products so that you can build your own routine, it can be difficult to know if you are using those products correctly.

Companies just want you to buy their products and move on, there is very little to no education on the products that you're buying, and that needs to stop. 

That is why we created the Alohii skincare routine. We create loads of content to teach women how to use their products, and what's in them, so they can be as educated as possible when it comes to putting products on their face and bodies.